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It was senior year, and Eric had already gotten accepted to college.So he figured he might as well start his summer break early and spend his school nights playing video games online with friends or going to the gym."We're going over to the Frasiers' for drinks." "Ok..." Eric still seemed confused by his parents' behavior. Bye," his dad said as his parents seemingly rushed out of the house.

But the previous months of contemplation and exploration had led the married couple, particularly Emily, to this night. " Emily and Roger heard their son's angry mumbling through his bedroom door.

It was a Thursday, and the husband and wife knew that their 18-year-old son would be getting to bed at a reasonable hour so he could get up at an unreasonable time for school the next day. When his parents knocked, Eric almost lashed out because his blood was boiling and the last thing he wanted was to listen to one of his parents talk to him. Wanting to keep the conversation as quick and question-free as possible, the graying father with a dad bod, announced into the room through the door, "Eric, we're going out with friends. If there's a problem, call my cell phone." At first, Eric was glad that his parents didn't want to open the door and have a conversation, but then he got a strange feeling. The budding adult shot up from his chair and opened the bedroom, door. " Eric examined his parents and they were wearing casual clothes.

The only hint was his mom's makeup, but that seemed to be incompatible with her casual blouse.

The couple gave each other a look as if they were caught off guard.

Avec Move With Africa, 150 jeunes et 30 professeurs s'investissent concrètement dans un projet de coopération au développement en Afrique.

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