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) is an administrative county (Hungarian: megye) in north-eastern Hungary, bordering Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania.

Ongoing civil war, rebellion, and war exacted a heavy price and further hindered the region's development.

The county's borders have been altered frequently over the years, its current territory being established in 1950 with the amalgamation of the counties of Szabolcs-Ung and Szatmár-Bereg-Ugocsa.

Lakes of various sizes have evolved in sandy areas such as the basin of the Sóstó (Salty lake) of Nyíregyháza, whose alkaline, hydrogen-carbonated waters have medicinal qualities.

Many water reservoirs have been built according to local demand.

Before 1991, it was called Szabolcs-Szatmár county.

Many settlements founded after the conquest of the Magyars were largely devastated by the Mongol invasion in 1241. The history of Nyíregyháza provides an illuminating example of this process.

The area was the gateway for the Mongol invasion of Hungary in the 1240s, and suffered considerable destruction and population decrease during the raids.

With the subsequent development of the country, the region became even more marginalized in the 15th century.

The larger area named the Nyírség is derived from the word nyír meaning birch, as the region is dominated by birch woodlands.

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