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Prophylactic courses of oral acyclovir can have a modest impact on recurrent infections, but the cost of the drug and its potential toxicity over the long term do not justify such regimens in most cases. Neushul, "Antiviral carbohydrates from marine red algae." Hydrobiologia 204/2-104. Pitchford, Paul, Healing with Whole Foods, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 1993 16. al., "Antiviral activity of extracts from marine algae," Antimicrob. In the majority of cases for genital herpes, general recurrency patterns returned within 8 to 25 days after stopping long term use. al., "Antiretroviral activity in a marine red alga: reverse transcriptase inhibition by an aqueous extract of Schizymenia pacifica" Journal Cancer Res.

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General health benefits show red marine algae useful in weight-loss programs and for lowering cholesterol and fat in the blood.

It contains soothing, mucilaginous gels such as algin, carregeenan, and agar, which specifically rejuvenate the lungs and gastrointestinal tract.

One such casualty of the drug approval process is a red marine algae in the family of Dumontiaceae. al., "Polysaccharides as antiviral agents: antiviral activity of carrageenan," Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

Research on antiviral carbohydrates from marine red algae indicate a high potential for low-cost, broad spectrum antiviral agents.

Contained within the cell walls are polysaccharides, which are a complex of simple sugars. Cole and Sheath, (Ed.), Biology of the Red Algae, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1990.

These long chained complex sugars stimulate interferon production as well as other anti-tumor and immune- enhancing activity (improving activity of T- and B-cells). et al., "Arginine stimulates lymphocyte immune response in healthy human beings. human patients) both prior to and subsequent to herpes infection. It was used topically to alleviate symptoms associated with herpes infections or preferably systemic, by oral administration, to eradicate the virus and thereby prevent symptom recurrence. This treatment, which now must be considered alternative, suggests a breakthrough in the discovery of natural immunomodulatory and antiviral agents. Other compounds in the cell wall are related to those found in friendly bacteria which fortify and strengthen our immune systems to fight against invading organisms and toxins. Although the effects of long term use of an alternative treatment such as the red marine algae, Dumontiaceae, has not been clinically substantiated, edible seaweeds have been consumed for thousands of years and are considered safe, nutritious, and beneficial. Recent research and gathering of anecdotal evidence on the health benefits and antiherpetic action of the red marine algae, Dumontiaceae, has yielded much promise. al., (ed.), Marine Algae in Pharmaceutical Science, W.

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