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The above 4th image offers a closer view of the north terminating end of the track system down in the rough terrain depression area.

As you can see, much of the evidence here is selectively outright covered up by smudge treatments of various kinds.

I suspect this has to do with the artificial intelligence (AI) running the tampering program and its programming limitations rather than a human.

I suspect the AI used the straight line of the track system to develop two different smudge fields on the two sides with different patterns that meet at the straight line track system but cannot cross over and merge with each other and therefore completely cover the track system.

This is a AI application pattern flaw that I've seen in a lot of the image tampering dating back over the years.

I suspect that this is an elevated track system because it is mostly arrow straight and unaffected by variations in the terrain ups and downs.

However, the darkness on the object's right side may be an illusion created by obscuring smudge treatments as is the pitted sectional look to the track system itself. Well because most of the field to the left of the track is smudge with a rougher pattern to it and the field on the right with a smoother pattern to it seems to be yet more smudge.

Both of these smudge fields thoroughly hide the true terrain from our view and anything that might be there.

As you can see, other craters around this one are also suggestive of being water sites in this more distant view and probably are.

However, most of these are more visually compromised by the combination of false color and smudge that carpet this entire strip and are therefore less revealing when examined closer.

Note in order that the 1st thru 4th images are of some possible civilization evidence in the form of a transport system on the Mars surface.

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