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Once installed, LAB KPI Tracker starts up automatically and always stays active in the icons tray.With a simple mouse click, LAB KPI Tracker will display the latest, real time laboratory performance indicators that are preconfigured based on individual user preferences.

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For further convenience, On-Demand Query Builder can be executed from your LIMS application and will utilize the existing database connection.

Pricing: Single-user license - $850.00 (singe user/machine) 5 user license - $3500.00 (five users/machines) Enterprise license - $7500.00 (unlimited users/machines) Installation & Configuration - $350 (includes installation, full integration with local LIMS application and features overview) Product Support - $1250/year (up to 10 hours of priority technical support, FREE upgrades) Future Upgrades: LIMS Help Integrator enables seamless integration of any standard help media with your LIMS application in a location-specific fashion.

labels, worksheets, etc.) and to execute it as a separate process in the background saving time and increasing end users productivity.

LAB KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Tracker allows laboratory management to define, configure and track key laboratory performance indicators in real time without having to open the LIMS application or keep running reports.

Connect Consulting leverages over 25 years of combined laboratory, systems development, and customer service experience to deliver business solutions and services to laboratories in the public and private sectors.

We are specifically focused on providing configured Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS/LIS) into clinical, biobanking and public health markets.

The first step is to define on a LIMS window by window basis (including pop-ups) a set of parameters that will be passed to the help file to bring up relevant, window specific information.

The parameters include the Help File itself as well as Page Name, Topic and Search String values.

Those who are familiar with SQL can write and edit their queries directly in the SQL editor.

In addition, any built query can be saved for future use and returned records can be printed and/or exported in a number of different formats including MS Excel, XML, CSV, MS Access, etc.

Report Viewer allows end users to setup their personal layout preferences and provides easy integration with LIMS by using an intuitive integration wizard.

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